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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trick or Treat Land

On Sunday I went with dad to drop Riley Jo off at her mom's. On the way we thought we would stop and get some pumpkins! We stopped at a place in Wyoming, MN off of Highway 61 and I believe 225th St, "Lendt's Pumpkin Patch". They had everything from pumpkins to squash to corn filled playlands to hayrides to big wooden Halloween cutouts. It was so cute! Riley thought it was a pretty cool place, she didn't really want to leave. Unfortunately it was 6:00pm and very cold outside or else we may have stayed all night! Riley picked out her pumpkins pretty fast, she got 2 little ones for painting and one bigger one for carving. I got some great pictures of her playing in "Trick or Treat Land"!

Can you find Riley Jo in the Graveyard?

Riley was bad, so we locked her up in the Phantom County Jail.

Riley as a CAT!

Riley playing in the Corn Playland

Riley is 4feet and 3inches tall

Hanging out with the farm crew

More of Trick or Treat Land

Pumpkin Village


  1. That place looks like so much fun. I was going to bring Ethan to a pumpkin patch, but thats pretty hard to do when its snowing... great pics btw!

  2. It was super fun! It is a little far but I believe with little ones it would be worth it.... there is anither one off of 35E north and Wyoming exit... Pinehaven something or other... that one looked way intense, I think they have a petting zoo and everything!