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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A little late night snack

As most of you know I like to make things up as I go...... when it comes to food! Last night I got hungry around 9:00, probably because I didn't eat dinner. I decided to make some food. Unfortunately I have not made it to the grocery store in awhile so my fridge was PRETTY bare. I did find I had pepper jack cheese, onion, a jalapeno, Chipotle Tabasco, chicken, Mexican flavored instant rice, and tortillas. I decided to use those ingredients and make some food!

I started with sauteing my onions with my chopped jalapeno. I added my Chipotle Tabasco here, also with a snip of pepper.

While the onions and jalapeno cooked, I mixed the ingredients for my rice. I believe it is just water and vegetable oil. Brought that to a boil and poured in the mixture of rice and seasoning.

Before I started any of this I had taken 2 pieces of chicken out of the freezer and put them in HOT water. By the time I was done prepping the side dishes, the chicken was unthawed, so I threw them in a pan with approx. 1 cup water. FYI: I NEVER measure anything.... I just guess!!!

While the chicken, onions and jalapeno and the rice cooked, I shredded some pepper Jack cheese I found in the back of my fridge. Now you could probably use any type of cheese you wish, I had pepper jack!

Once the chicken was cooked, I copped it into little squares.

Now all my ingredients are cooked. I thought it would be a good idea (learned from Rachael) to use my George Forman grill to grill my tortillas. Then I figured I will make quesadillas. So I took one tortilla and placed a bit of each ingredient on it and sandwiched it with another tortilla and placed it in the George Forman for approx 3 minutes.

And out comes a yummy Crispy Chicken and Jack Cheese Quesadilla!!
Best served with a side of sour cream and a tall glass of milk! Yum!

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