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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On the other side of the fence.

On Friday we went to the Roseville High School Homecoming game.
As most of you know I graduated from Roseville.

Well this time I was on the "Other side of the fence". Jack's nephew Tin was playing for Woodbury and we joined to watch the game. I will have to say in my 4 years at Roseville I had never sat on the other side of the field overlooking the Roseville side. It was a little strange, I felt like a trader. I did wear my old Roseville Football hooded Sweatshirt I got from an old friend in 9th grade and I also got to meet up with my old high school counselor, Mrs. Edwards (Mitch). It is always nice to catch up with her. I only graduated in 2003 but man did I feel OLD when I saw all the letter jackets that read "12" or "13"! WOW time flys! I also noticed that Woodbury had like 35 cheerleaders cheering for their team.... Roseville has always only had maybe 16. The cheerleaders kept repeating the same cheer every maybe half hour..... it got SUPER annoying but in the long run Woodbury ended up defeating Roseville (which according to my memory they always do!) so depending on which side of the fence you are on... it is a good/bad thing!

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