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Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree... Oh Christmas Tree...

For the last 6 years it has been tradition to put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving. Either before we go to dinner or after. This year we did it after dinner (and a nap!). I absolutely LOVE our tree- it is my favorite tree ever! It is so elegant and gorgeous. The color scheme is just perfect for our house and our personalities.

Every year I get a personalized ornament for our tree. This year is the first year I am a Wolters! I got a beautiful W ornament and it looks just perfect on our tree.

This is my all time favorite ornament. Not sure where it came from but I just love it. It is always the last ornament that goes on the tree. Well besides the big RED star on top!

Even though I am not very religious, a Christmas tree is not a Christmas tree without a Nativity Scene under it. I grew up with one just like this one. When I was Little I used to always play with the figurines and rearrange the manger, eventually most pieces got broken or lost. When I saw it at Target and I HAD to have it and all the pieces to go with it. The only piece I am missing for my manger is the angel that hangs about baby Jesus.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know this is a few days late but I still consider today Thanksgiving weekend! I hope everyone had a great and safe holiday. Jack and I went to my Aunt Nancy's (my mom's sister) for Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving day. She always has the best food! I tried my best to control my portion size but I failed slightly. I had 3 dinner rolls instead of the I told my self I could have! On Friday we went to Jody's (Jack's sister) for some lasagna! It was a small gathering but very nice to see the family. Our niece Nattie is becoming such a little lady. It is crazy how fast they grow up. She is talking wonderfully and asking question as if she were 25!!

A few things I am Thankful for are:
My Wonderful LOVING Husband
Cell Phones
Comfy Sweatshirts
a roof over my head
a table to eat on
Food to put in my belly
Christmas decorations
The Dollar store
My Jeep
All the scrapbooking supplies
My camera
My diamonds!!
picture frames
make up and hair products
spinach and artichoke dip
Hawaiian bread
crock pots
Cold Medicine (I currently am battling a cold monster!)

When my husband smile at me!
my microwave
tape and scissors
pens and paper

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside.....

Winter has hit Minnesota and let me tell you I hate getting into my car freezing cold after a long days work and having to wait 5-10 minutes for the car to warm up before I can even start driving. SO I began to think maybe I will reward myself with an automatic starter system for my car instead of an Ipod for my 15 pound weight lose! It is about the same price give or take $50.00!! I believe that it would be TOTALLY worth it. I have always wanted one but just never saved the money to get one.

I did a small bit of research and Best Buy as one for $199.99 (with installation) that has had great reviews. The VIPER -5101 SUPER CODE 1-WAY REMOTE START SYSTEM!!!

The VIPER features:
* Compatible with most vehicles that are equipped with the correct immobilizer interface.
* Remote starter allows you to start your car at the touch of a button.
* 2,000' range for expanded connectivity. (HOLY MOLY!!!)
* Slim, 5-button remote with a priority user interface for easy 2-car operation.
* Control Center with integrated status LED and valet switchTo ensure easy operability.

I think Black Beauty would love this device hooked up to her engine! For those of you who don't know- Black Beauty is my Jeep Liberty! She means the world to me- my baby!! She's 8 years old now and can't warm up as fast as she used to! I see nothing wrong with enhancing her engine quality and her self esteem to make her mommy proud, and warm!!!