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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Horse Sense

I haven't rode a horse in over 7 years. 2 weeks ago I got to ride again. It was so nice to be running around those barrels like I used to. I started riding when I was about 2 years old. Over the next 22 years I have done it all. From trail riding , to riding English, to riding Western Pleasure to gaming (running barrels) to showing at the MN State Fair. When I was 9 I showed in Oregon with my dad in English. I took high Point in the 10 and under classes. I won a horse blanket, ribbons, glasses, and a bucket full of grooming supplies (over the span of 3 months). I got into gaming (poles and barrels) when dad moved back to Minnesota and lived with his friend Brad. Brad was into gaming so Dad found a horse for me to ride, Shorty a 23 yr old gelding. He wasn't the fastest horse ever, but he knew what he was doing and had fun doing it! From there I got Casey, my crazy pony, she was a nut case. There were many of frantic entrances and exits from the arena while running games with her. One time instead of stopping after a run she decided to hop the fence.... now when Casey jumped it was always a 6 foot (if not more) jump, no MATTER how high the jump was, always 6 ft or more. I stayed on but we did break the fence!!! LOL! I out grew Casey and got SnoCap.. my pride and joy. He was the best horse EVER!! I loved him more than anything. I had him since he was a baby, my dad trained him for me so I knew how to ride him. We meshed WELL together! I loved going in and laying in the stall with him... he would never hurt me, unless I came in between feeding time and him.... big MISTAKE!!! When dad moved out to Colorado he sold SnoCap :( Since then I haven't been riding until 2 weeks ago. We went up to Sherry and Eric's, Riley's old babysitter, and she let me ride. My friend Rachael was with, we had a blast! I went back this past weekend and rode some more... I thought after not riding for 7 years I would forget how to do it.... nope, it's like I never stopped. Riding is one of my biggest passions, scrapping is the other!!! Below I have posted some pictures and a AWESOEME video of me reining Lena (Sherry's horse)

Abby and I with all of our winnings. I was 9.

Shorty and I, first gaming horse.

Casey and I. Crazy pony!

First place winners! Sir Gallahad and I (12). Won first place in the obstacle course.

Cody, Showing Western Pleasure (rare occasion)

My pride and joy... SnoCap! He is soo dirty in this pic!

SnoCap and I @ Isanti county fair running poles

Running KeyHole with SnoCap

Rachael and I riding at sherry's

Running barrels

Coming around my 2nd barrel

My reining video!!! So FUN!

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  1. How fun! I love riding horses.. I dont ride them the way you do, I ride slow lol. It's cool to see all the pictures of you when you were just a litle tike :)Nice post!