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Friday, October 9, 2009


Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I just love it. I try my best to go all out on Halloween. Jack and I have had some amazing costumes over the past 5 years. The first year we were together we didn't do a matching costume. From then on we have had matching costumes......

2005: Super Mario and the Princess.

2006 : 1920's Gangster and Flapper.

2007 : The Flinstones

2008: Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa

2009: Beetlejuice and The Receptionist from the Afterlife

Jack's costume will be store bought and I will make mine by hand. I have gotten the dress I am going to use, now I need to make the cape, which is the hardest part. If you notice she has flames coming from her cape, I have to make them out of wire and cover it with shiny glittery mesh fabric then attach it to the cape. I am super excited but very nervous because I want my costume to turn out perfect. I am not sure how the whole painting my body green thing is going to pan out, I hope it isn't to much of a nousense. I have to still make my sash as well. Which will be super easy. All I have to do is buy a strip of glossy white fabric and some iron on letters that spell MISS ARGENTINA. the last thing is the hair... unfortunately I do not have bangs.... so I am trying very hard to think of a way to "make" bangs without actually having to cut my hair, I was going to get a wig, but I can't find one that matches her hair..... I will just be painting my hair red/orange as I have in the past years. Well I will keep you updated as the time goes by.... wish me luck!

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  1. Hello fellow blogger !!! I'm excited to look at your blog now. I'm a daily blog stalker and I'm sure I will enjoy stalking you as well. I'm your first follower too. Cool costumes BTW those are really creative. You can actually buy bangs ..just google clip on bangs I know jessica simpson has some . They are like 40bucks but you can look on ebay for them . good luck and can't wait to see the pictures April.