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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ok, Folks I have 2 days until our Halloween party! I have finished my costume so all I is to put it on!!! I am so excited for Friday! I have uploaded some photos to see how this costume will come together.

These are the "flames" I made. They aren't really flames but oh well.

The dress with the cape attached.

My sash didn't turn out 100% the way I wanted ..... it took me forever to get it to look the way I wanted. I took a close up of the fabric, because it is glittery!!

Jack's wig.

The hairspray and eyelashes for my costume

I need to paint the upper part of my body green. I bought blue and green to mix because the receptionist isn't really GREEN, she is Blue-green!

The reason she is the receptionist of the Afterlife is due to the fact she slit her wrists. I bought these to make it look like I slit my wrists too!

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