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Monday, July 25, 2011

Pictures can speak 1,000 words

^^ Celebrating our 1 Year anniversary 3/6/2011^^

^^ Fred after Heart surgery 4/10/11^^

^^ Memorial Day fishing 5/31/2011^^

^^ Hodgson Family photo 6/5/2011^^

^^ Cory and Jen's wedding 6/4/2011^^

^^ Finally Friday with J.D Greene from K102 6/11/2011^^

^^ Taylors Falls 7/3/2011^^

^^ Celebrating the USA 7/4/11^^

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Sorry folks - things have been crazy busy this summer. Jack and I have been preparing to have a baby, as in getting as much "partying" as we can until the parasite attaches! Yes I call my unborn child a parasite. I mean that's technically what it is until it pops out! Some people find it harsh but whatever - it's my kid, I'll call it what I want!! We started our summer out busy with cabin fun and out of town weddings. We were traveling every weekend for about 2 months straight. Not much else has changed in our lives just hanging out and living the dream in this hot and humid hell. Jack hit is 31st birthday last week. On Friday we went to Tria in North Oaks and had a nice romantic meal. It was delicious! Saturday was his actual birthday but I had bought him and Ryan tickets to the Highland Beer Dabbler. The beer Dabbler is a beer tasting event that hosts over 64 vendors. Jack's kind of party!! It was SOOO hot out that day they didn't make it the whole 4 hours. After I picked the boys up we went to the good Old Clover Inn, I call it the Clover Dilly Pub!

My Birthday is coming up and since last year was Jack's 30 and we had a big party- this year it is my turn. If you know me, I always have a theme for my parties, this year it is a WHITE TRASH BASH!! I am so excited I can't even stand it. I am having a King and Queen of the trailer park contest and a best hair contest. Should be interesting to see who wins!! Stay tuned for pictures!!

My recent new is I am scheduled to get LASIK eye surgery on August 9th!! I am very excited to get this but also nervous! The doctor I am going to see made it very clear it was an easy and painless surgery. I am a perfect candidate because I have a very thick strong cornea and very healthy eyes. I have spoke to multiple people and they all recommend the surgery, it was the best thing they could of done. It will be so refreshing to not have to wear glasses! I can not wait. I am going to look like a whole new person!

Oh and if I haven't spoke to or seen you in a while, I have lost almost 20 pounds!!! I was at 20 but I have gained a few back :( I stuck with the Weight Watchers program until mid June and now I am on my own. Still working out but have gone back to my old eating habits. I have also been training for running a 5K. I plan to run one on July 30th (the day of my party)!! This is a huge goal of mine and I am super stoked to succeed. I have always wanted to be a runner and I have actually put myself up for the challenge. As of today- I can get to 2.5 miles non stop.... should be interesting how race day goes!

As far as a Wolter's parasite, I started my prenatal vitamins and I am off the pill as of last week, so only time will tell! I am hoping that the parasite will attach itself by the end of September, then we will have a mid May early June baby! I wish I knew what I was having so I could start getting things ready.. but I have to wait fro a few months! We already have our names picked out so that is done. I guess we coudl focus on furniture nad things like that but hey I can wait unitl I know I have a little bug growing inside me!

Well I will check back in after the summer is over- I am sure I will have more to talk about!!!