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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm running this marathon for..... AMERICA!

10 years ago on September 11th our country changed. Our country stood still in shock, in horror, in disbelief. On September 11th the world stopped turning. Where were you? Where were you when the 2 towers fell, Where were you when 1000's of people lost their lives, Where were you when 1000's of people helped fight for our freedom?

I was sitting in my 11th grade American History class living history,My Bekemeyer's 1st hour. It was just like any other high school morning. None of us expecting anything to change. As I walked into the room saying good bye to my friends as they ventured into their first hour classrooms, Mr Bekemeyer had CNN on the TV as he always did. But today was different, today we were all staring at the TV in silence. None of us really paid to much attention to CNN any other day but on this particular Tuesday morning around 8:00, about 30 17yr olds were glues to the TV. The intensity you felt at that very moment, the tears of the students and teachers around you was indescribable.

On the 10 anniversary of this tragic event I decided to honor the men and women we lost with a 5K race around Lake Como. My cousin Nick joined me. The race started at 9:11am, Gary, the announcer said a little something in honor of our lost loved ones and released 36 white doves in their honor. In that moment of silence you could really feel the intense emotions each of us runners were feeling as we geared up for the 3.2 mile race.

Nick and I already to RACE!!

My husband being a great cheerleader... and photographer!

The 36 White Doves released

and we're off....

It looked like Nick needed some water....so I gave him some!

coming in on the home stretch.....

I'm running this race for ... AMMEERRRIICCAAAA!!!

We finished this race in 41:34 minutes!

Our 9/11 race T-shirts!