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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa and his Reindeer

On Friday I went to my good friend Rachael's house and we baked! I am not a huge baker, so instead of baking I created! I found these SUPER cute recipes for cookies online- and NO BAKING was involved!!

Santa Cookies

Santa can't to far with out his Reindeer ......

These cookies ARE super easy to make. Great for kids ages 8 and up. All you need is:
* Nutter Butter Cookies
* Pretzels
* Large bag of Plain M &M's ( sort out the brown and red ones)
* Red Hots
* small Marshmallows (cut in half)
* frosting
* Red food coloring (make Red frosting with this)
* Mini Chocolate chips

For the Santa Cookies:
Grab one of your Nutter Butter cookies, begin with adding a strip of white frosting just above the middle of the cookie, once you have that fill in the top half with the Red frosting. Now take one of your tiny marshmallows and place it on the bottom side of the "Santa Hat". From here I would recommend doing his face next- but you can do these steps in any order. Grab 2 mini chocolate chips and add frosting to the bottom. ( The frosting will act as glue). After you have your eyes placed where you want them, you can create the beard. Take your white frosting and spread it on the bottom half of your Nutter Butter cookie. To add texture to your beard take your utensil and make "swirls" in the frosting. After your beard is as big or small as you want it next you will take a Red Hot and dip it in frosting and place where you feel is best on the cookie. I placed mine on the top of the beard in the middle. This made the effect that the beard is coming out from under his little red hot nose!

For the Reindeer cookies:
These are also made from Nutter Butter cookies. I prefer the Reindeer cookies because they are SUPER easy to make. First you may want to start by breaking up your pretzels so they look like antlers. I recommend being slightly gentle when doing this- so your pretzels don't crumble. Once you have done that- take your white frosting and dabble a little on the top of your Nutter Butter cookie. Then place your "Antlers" on top of the frosting where you want them. Once again the frosting will be acting as glue. From here you can add your eyes (Brown M&M's) and your nose (Red M&M). Do this by dipping your M&M in the frosting and placing it where you think looks best! I preferred have my M placed down.

Christmas just isn't Christmas without snow....

These little Snowmen are actually very time consuming. Not my favorite thing to do- but they turned out super cute.

For these you will need:
* Large Marshmallows
* Orange M&M's OR any small orange candy
* Mini Chocolate chips
* Pretzel sticks
* Frosting

First I would start by breaking your stick pretzels in two- these will become your snowman's arms! Then take your Orange M&M's and cut them in half and then in half again- these will be your nose. I would not recommend using the M&M's as the nose. It was hard to do and doesn't stay on very well- I just couldn't find any other orange candies. After you have done that, take a few Marshmallows and cut them in half. If your scissors get sticky dip them in HOT water in a tall glass in between cuts. I also would recommend doing this in spurts so you don't over cut marshmallows. After you have all your things cut up and ready take your frosting and spread on the top of a non-cut marshmallow and add the half cut marshmallow on to it- the frosting is acting as glue. After that I would start from the eyes and go down. Once again dipping your mini chocolate chips and M&M's in frosting and placing them on your marshmallow. When you have completed the face and buttons, grab your "arms" and jab them into the sides of the marshmallow and you have a yummy little Marshmallow Snowman!

My Holiday Cookie Platter

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