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Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree... Oh Christmas Tree...

For the last 6 years it has been tradition to put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving. Either before we go to dinner or after. This year we did it after dinner (and a nap!). I absolutely LOVE our tree- it is my favorite tree ever! It is so elegant and gorgeous. The color scheme is just perfect for our house and our personalities.

Every year I get a personalized ornament for our tree. This year is the first year I am a Wolters! I got a beautiful W ornament and it looks just perfect on our tree.

This is my all time favorite ornament. Not sure where it came from but I just love it. It is always the last ornament that goes on the tree. Well besides the big RED star on top!

Even though I am not very religious, a Christmas tree is not a Christmas tree without a Nativity Scene under it. I grew up with one just like this one. When I was Little I used to always play with the figurines and rearrange the manger, eventually most pieces got broken or lost. When I saw it at Target and I HAD to have it and all the pieces to go with it. The only piece I am missing for my manger is the angel that hangs about baby Jesus.

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