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Friday, January 8, 2010

56 DAYS!!!

The wedding is creeping up fast! We have 56 days until we will officially be Mr and Mrs Wolters!!! AHH Scary! My bridal shower is coming up quick... January 23rd. I will have a blast with all my female friends... then comes the Bachelorette Party... now that will be a party NOT to miss!

We have pretty much everything completed. the last and final detail is getting the tuxes!! We probably shouldn't of waited this long but it just something we haven't got a round to doing... oh and I just remembered we need to get our marriage license too! We better do that soon! We have an appointment for the tuxes on Tuesday the 12. I am thinking simple black tuxes with champagne colored vests. Jack mentioned he wanted bow ties, so we will see!

I picked up my dress on Tuesday January 4, I also got my jewelery and shoes! It was a disaster getting my dress home. David's Bridal isn't in my TOP 10 for best costumer service, that's for sure. The first time I went to pick up my dress it had a small stain on it, so they had to reorder it. The second time I picked up my dress, they sent me to the fitting room to try it on, they forgot to give me my bra I ordered... then I inspected my dress for about 20 minutes. In this 20 minutes NO ONE came back to help us. I couldn't try on my dress with out my bra. I also found 2 more stains on my BRAND NEW straight from the factory dress. I was LIVID! One of the sales consultants noticed I was starting to get mad and frustrated so she approached me and asked if I was ok... I just lost it, I started crying and telling this lady that no one was helping me, I have 2 stains on my dress, I did not pay X amount of dollars to have stains on my F-ing dress. I am getting married in 60 days and I am ready to freak. The lady felt soo bad she grabbed my dress and too it to the back and got the stains out. Urgh I was just so tightly wound. Anyways my dress has no stains and I have all my accessories I am good! My aunt Peg is going to hem the dress for me so I don't have to pay over $100.00 for alterations.

On Wednesday I picked out the flowers, another stressful event. I only wanted to spend a small amount of money on flowers. Well, that is almost impossible to do. I think we picked out some good ones though. It will be well worth the amount we ended up spending.

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  1. Weddings are WAY too stressful! But just hold on another 56days and you'll be super excited and that all your hard work has paid off. After the wedding you'll feel lost and bored that your second full time job of organizing the wedding is over . The day goes by so fast so dont forget to enjoy it.