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Sunday, July 18, 2010

We're off to see the Wizard!

As most of you know, Wizard of Oz is my all time most favorite movie. I have seen it over 1 million times in my 25 years. I used to call it "Toto". My poor parents would have to replay this movie over and over again for me when I was younger. My younger sister (Riley Jo, 8) also LOVES The Wizard if Oz, in which she calls "The Witch". My poor father knows this movie by heart! Jack and I had Nattie for a day so we took her to the Childrens Museum to see the Wizard of Oz exhibit. I think I enjoyed it more than she did!!!

Nattie is fully potty trained now. While at the Museum she apparently had to go potty but forgot to tell someone. She just started peeing in the middle of the Wizard of Oz exhibit! It was the funniest thing. She looked up at Jody and says " Mommy I have an accident." hehe!

In the car on the way home Nattie was playing "Painting" with the colored sunscreen!!! She is so cute!!!

When we got back to my house Nattie ran through the sprinkler. She actually wouldn't run through it, she would just play with the water. She was afraid of the water hitting her in the face. Uncle Jack held her hand and finally she ran through it!


  1. I also love The Wizard of OZ! That looked like a fun day. I gotta go check that out. You gotta update your blog more often Im having April withdrawls lol :)

  2. I know- I didn't think any one checked it, besides you and your on FB so.... but I was told over the weekend people actually do look at it.