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Friday, February 12, 2010

Partay Time- Excellent!

My Bachelorette party is coming up QUICK! 8 days away! As everyone know I love to party. I am super excited to get all dolled up in PINK and BLACK and hit the town with my TEAM of LADIES! The plan is to start off at our Hotel that is attached to Jimmy's Bar and Grill. I believe we will have some beers and pizza at Jimmy's then load up the TEAM into the 15 passenger van and head on over to my favorite bar..... BRADY'S! We have reserved half the bar for our TEAM so it should be a great time!

I bought a new pair of shoes for the event! I am super excited to flaunt them with my pink rhinestone BRIDE shirt that my lovely maid of honor purchased for me!

Check back after the 20th for Pictures of the TEAM of ladies!!!

Party time- EXCELLENT!

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