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Monday, November 30, 2009

I am Thankful for....

This year Jack and I had Turkey day at our house. It turned out great. It was mostly Jack's dad's side of the family and then my dad and sister. We had ad "potluck" turkey day so it wasn't as stressful as it could of been. We still ended up with a ton of food.

We have so many things to be thank full for this year, just to name a few: great family, awesome friends, good health, a warm cozy roof over our head, jobs that keeps the bills paid and most of all each other~!

Jack preparing the MASHED POTATOES!!! They turned out delicious!!

Ready to eat!!!?

I just LOVE this picture of Jack and his Grandma!

Riley won at TURKEY BINGO!!!

Nattie what do you say to the bad guys who offer you candy?.... "NO!!!"

After a long day of family fun, Riley and Grandma enjoy an ice cream cone!

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